The Chilly Chest icebox cooler is an ingenious design that is strong, tough and specifically manufactured for our extreme environment.

These iceboxes offer you the best ice retention answer to your portable food / beer / fish storage. Fishing, camping, party and events- this ice box cooler has you covered.

Delivery and distribution available whether you are a retailer or wish to purchase online.

Ice Box Cooler White Information:

Size Weight Inner Dimension Outer Dimension
50 Litre9.75 kg(w) 35.9cm x (l) 48.6cm x (h) 35cm(w) 45cm x (l) 60cm x (h) 42.5cm
75 Litre14.75 kg(w) 38cm x (l) 50cm x (h) 32cm(w) 49cm x (l) 76.6cm x (h) 44.5cm
100 Litre16.25 kg(w) 40.5cm x (l) 68.9cm x (h) 42.5cm(w) 53cm x (l) 83cm x (h) 54.5cm
125 Litre18.7 kg(w) 46.5cm x (l) 75cm x (h) 41cm(w) 59.5cm x (l) 87.5cm x (h) 56cm
150 Litre20.5 kg(w) 65cm x (l) 81cm x (h) 41cm(w) 79.4cm x (l) 101m x (h) 55.6cm

Materials: Molded UV stabilised polyethylene

Latches: Stainless Steel (recessed)

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