These cooler boxes are commercial industrial iceboxes popular with commercial fishermen - these iceboxes are big! Fishing boxes or fish bins for serious party, events, catering, food processing and commercial industrial use.

Jumbo food drink & fish storage- Iceboxes 4 events, parties and industrial / Commercial Fishermen Fish Box. Sizes ranging from 400 litre to 1100 litre Ice Box Coolers. Thick, thick walls, lid and base- amazing cold ice retention. Raised legs with skids allow easy mobility by pallet jack or fork lift. Lock receptacle for extra security.

Rope restraints on inner lid. Bungy loop pull downs for a constant seal on ice box lid. Tie down receptacles for external loading of fish bin. Double fridge seals for better icebox cold retention.

Some great advantages of these Jumbo Cooler Boxes

  • Sizes from 400 to 1100 litre Icebox
  • Industrial, fishing, parties, events
  • Movable by pallet jack or fork lift
  • Double fridge seal- extra insulation
  • Unbelievable cold retention
  • Lockable for extra security

Available in the following sizes:

Size Weight Inner Dimension Outer Dimension
400 Litre41.7 kg67cm x 96cm x 70cm87.5cm x 112.3cm x 89.7cm
450 Litre43.3 kg67.4cm x 92.6cm x 73.3cm87.9cm x 111.5cm x 93.8cm
600 Litre58.7 kg90.3cm x 120cm x 65.5cm108.4cm x 139.5cm x 87cm
800 Litre64.3 kg86.8cm x 115.9cm x 75.2cm106.6cm x 135.4cm x 102cm
1100 Litre81.8 kg95.2cm x 122.8cm x 85cm118cm x 146.6cm x 111.7cm

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